Hackers Sell Cyberpunk Source Code For Several Million

This After CDPR Refused To Pay Ransom

CD Projekt Red has been having a pretty terrible time, to say the least. First the rollout of Cyberpunk 2077 is a hot mess, than came the lawsuits, then the death threats, and now this? Hackers, who had previously attempted to hold Cyberpunk’s source code for ransom, have now allegedly sold said code for several million dollars.

This came after CDPR flat out refused to pay for said code’s return to them. Once they established that everyone’s personal data was secure, all attempts at negotiation were shuttered, and here we are! You gotta hand it to them on this one. No sense capitulating when the market has already determined the value of the stolen product to be uhhhhhh, somewhat diminished.

The auction and sale was confirmed by a cyber intelligence group known as KELA. The lost data includes the source code for 2077, Gwent, and The Witcher 3. While CDPR is working with law enforcement agencies to resolve this issue, it seems like the cat might be out of the bag before too long. What’s to stop these nefarious thieves from releasing their own deeply unstable video games using the seized assets? Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available on PC, with a proper console release and next-generation update coming later this year. You can check out our review of the game here.