Guilty Gear Strive Trailer Reveals the Final Character I-No

In a World of Swordsmen and Vampires, There’s Also a Guitar Hero

Good news, everyone! As Guilty Gear Strive inches closer to its release on April 9th, we now know who the final character in the base game will be: the mysterious I-No. I-No is a time-traveling musician, clad in red, who often wears a witch’s hat. I-No and Beyonetta definitely have similarities and I definitely have a type for them. She was first introduced to the series in Guilty Gear XX as the final boss, followed by many subsequent appearances. Being a killer guitarist and fighter, I-No is perhaps the greatest embodiment of the Guilty Gear franchise, what with the sweet soundtracks.

Guilty Gear Strive I-No Trailer

I-No uses her guitar named Marlene in battle. It is used as both a physical weapon and for magic attacks. Design-wise, her guitar is central to her abilities and combat. Guilty Gear veterans consider I-No to be one of the toughest characters to use in combat. Her playstyle relies on her being up close to her opponent while still being defensive. When she dashes, her attacks are technically aerial moves, so that factors into how she is played.

The beta for Guilty Gear Strive began late last week and would include 13 of the 15 fighters. I-No would not be one of the 13. Today was meant to be the end of the beta, but it has been extended to February 23rd. That is subject to change though. Guilty Gear Strive is expected to launch on April 9th for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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