EA Sports Bringing Back College Football Games

EA Sports Revisiting College Football in a Big Way

EA Sports and CLC have officially confirmed a partnership that will result in the next College football video game. The new EA Sports franchise will deliver the college football experiences with high-quality gameplay that fans have waited a few years for now. This college game will not include student-athlete names, images, or likenesses and it isn’t expected to be an NCAA title like so many previous EA Sports games. EA Sports’ Madden NFL 21 is available right now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, and PC.

“We’ve heard from the millions of passionate fans requesting the return of college football video games,” said EA Sports EVP and GM Cam Weber. “We love the energy, tradition, and pageantry of college football and I am beyond thrilled to say we are back in development. We have a lot of really exciting work ahead of us, and a great team that is eager to bring a new game to players in the next couple of years.”

“We’re very excited to collaborate with EA Sports to bring back the college football franchise, one of the most popular collegiate licensed products in our history,” said CLC CEO Cory Moss. “The college football video game connects passionate fans to college brands and introduces new fans to the storied traditions, excitement, and game-day experience that make college football unique.”

Through the CLC partnership, EA Sports will have the rights to more than 100 institutions featuring the logos, stadiums, uniforms, gameday traditions, and more that fans have come to know and love, just not the official NCAA licensing they’re familiar with. Are you looking forward to another college football game or were you hoping for another official NCAA title? Let us know in the comments below!