Xbox Insider Teases Two Big Announced Games for 2021

But What Could the Mystery Games Be?

The first year of a console’s release is a big deal. Outside of launch games, players want to know that the first console they get – if they don’t get both at launch – is going to give them plenty of bang for their buck. The Xbox Series X came out hot with big announcements like a Fable reboot or the upcoming Medium, whereas PlayStation 5 matched that with the likes of Horizon: Forbidden West and Deathloop.

Still, that’s not to say that they’re not going to keep some big announcements under wraps, and according to Window Central’s Jez Corden, speaking on the Xbox Two podcast, we’re getting two big, unannounced games this year.

Corden didn’t go into detail about what the games are, or whether they’re new IP’s or new additions in established franchises. We know that there’s a Wolfenstein III in development, although we haven’t received any official announcement – and Bethesda does have a history of announcing big games in their release years – and it’s rumored that we’re getting a new Forza Horizon game this year, too. Still, let’s not discount some dark horses. For one, Xbox’s upcoming line-up is notably thin as far as RPG’s go, whereas the PS5 has rights to Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Persona 5 Royal – none of which are available on the Xbox. Perhaps we’ll see a remaster of an older Xbox exclusive RPG, like Lost Odyssey, or perhaps another exclusive Bethesda game that they’re keeping under wraps?

Forza Horizon 4

Corden does have a reputation for being reliable, but until we get an official announcement, it’s best to put any speculation in the… well, speculation category. PlayStation are currently winning the console war in terms of sales, controllers, and arguably line-up, so it’s not out of the question they’ll have some big releases we don’t know about.

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