Bugsnax Director Says They Are Not Done With It

Got Room For More?

Bugsnax launched in November on PC and PS4, and then a week later with PS5. So, everyone with the first two platforms and all 6 people with a PS5 can enjoy it. At a glance, Bugsnax is such a cute game with an adorable design. I mean, little critters that are made out of food? Who wouldn’t like that concept? Well, if you didn’t play the game or finish it, you will be forewarned of SPOILERS: the story is not as cutesy and wholesome as the art direction may lead you to believe. Although the ending leaves you with a dark tone and conspiracy, the Bugsnax director says that is not where the whole story ends.

Bugsnax Director

Over the course of the game, it is revealed that the Bugsnax that the player has been feeding to characters throughout their adventure are in fact parasites. Those who regularly ingest Bugsnax are turned into cannibalistic Bugsnax. You are what you eat, right? The game ends with a grand escape from Snaktooth Island, but the player keeps the truth of the Bugsnax buried. According to Young Horses director Kevin Zuhn, there will be more Bugsnax to come.

When asked by Kotaku about more content, Zuhn said, “We’re still figuring out what exactly we want to do post-release, but we’re definitely not done working on Bugsnax yet. I know I’d hate to leave that plot thread hanging forever!” What we can take away from that answer is that there will either be a sequel or maybe some DLC that sets up another game. At another part of the interview, Zuhn did mention that there were tons of other concepts for Bugsnax that were scrapped, so there are bound to be some new critters added or introduced to fans at some point. Bugsnax is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

What additional Bugsnax content would you like to see, either in DLC or a new game? Let us know in the comments below.