Overthrow the Divine and Diabolical in Gods Will Fall

Navigate a World of Duality

Dark fantasy games like their wicked gods–just look at the amoral Outsider of Dishonored and the Daedric Princes of The Elder Scrolls–but we think Gods Will Fall may take it further than most. After all, it’s not often you get a game that revolves around throwing off the cruel yoke of the gods. This dark fantasy action game focuses on the remnants of a clan of Celtic warriors, the survivors of a destroyed army, and their quest to overthrow the deities responsible for their hardship. The player will take the role of eight different warriors, each with their own exclusive weapon, and alternate between fighting for survival on the surface and fighting for freedom in the domain of the gods. As the title says, these gods will fall. Hopefully. If you fail, the consequences will be dire.

The game features:

  • Iconic Gods & Realms  Unravel the dark secrets of each ancient god as you venture into their elaborate and perilous lairs. Crawling with minions who will stop at nothing to defend their deities, each location will be deadlier than the last.
  • Celtic Warrior Clan  With eight different warriors of every size, each equipped with their own exclusive weapon type, choose your next hero wisely. Success is hard earned and brings unique skills, weapons, and items, but failure will see the challenger imprisoned and screaming for salvation. 
  • Navigate a World of Duality  Savor the calming sights as you explore the stunning and lush terrain of the Overworld. But beyond each ancient doorway lies a god’s realm. Brimming with foul creatures, stalking a world built from human suffering. Each path you tread and each door you open will be different from the last ensuring a brand new tale unfolds every time.
  • A Lesson in Brutality – With a pick up and play combat style that is easy to learn but hard to master, a massive challenge awaits all who venture within. Strengthen your warrior by entering the fray and embracing the berserker within. Defeat is always moments away as the gods await their challenger.

But that’s not all–there’s also the Valiant Edition, which includes Hunter’s Head Gear and Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC. This expanded edition includes:

  • Three New Gods – Enter and battle your way through three new infernal god realms. Each of these uncharted hellscapes, inhabited by abominable swarms of minions, will be a grueling test to your mettle.
  • New Weapon Classes – Play as two new barbarous warrior types, each with their own unique death-dealing style of combat.
  • New Items – A windfall of new gear and provisions to aid your clan in battle and turn the tides of war.
  • New Skills – New methods of melee to further expand your warrior’s combat system and ensure the apt champion is chosen for the battle that lies ahead.
  • Overworld Extras – As you traverse the tranquil overworld, keep your eyes peeled and unearth the hidden secrets now spread across the serene landscape.
  • Warriors Garb – Suit up your clan in the finest battle-ready attire and headgear for extra swagger as they enter the fray.

Gods Will Fall and its Valiant Edition will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia on January 29th, 2021. They are both available for preorder.

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