Blue Fire Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC Next Month

Looks Like Wind Waker Meets… Wind Waker Again

For everyone who is getting itchy from Zelda withdrawal, there is something on the horizon that might help you get your fix until the follow-up to Breath of the Wild comes out. From indie developer Robi Studios, there is an eerily familiar game called Blue Fire coming out in February. If you played and loved The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, get ready for a nostalgia brick to the face. This game has “inspired by Zelda” written all over it, and we are pretty happy that it is.

Blue Fire

Blue Fire looks to have everything you want in a Zelda game; you got a little guy with a hat and sword, dark dungeons, platforming and puzzles, interesting-looking NPCs and enemies, a wide range of locations, and sweet upgrades and abilities. I have no earthly idea of what this game is about just by watching the trailer, but it looks fun as heck. It may not be as expansive as Breath of the Wild, but it claims that it will challenge players, so hopefully it will force you to work the worth out of it.

Speaking of worth, when it launches it will only cost $19.99. Blue Fire will be coming out on February 4th for PC and Nintendo Switch, so if you feel like taking a chance on a new IP, this might be the one to pull the trigger on.

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