Figment 2: Creed Valley Has Been Announced… in Song

Seems We Have Another Nightmare on Our Hands

Do you remember Figment, the gorgeous isometric game we described as ‘what it would have been like if Dr. Seuss had made a video game’? We do, so needless to say we were thrilled to hear that Figment 2: Creed Valley was coming down the pipeline. And better yet, the devs decided to announce it the same way they advertised the first game: with a musical trailer! No, don’t cover your ears. It’s a good song, we promise, and an excellent lead-up to the kind of surreal atmosphere, spooky monsters, and dreamlike environments you can expect from Figment 2.

Players will take up a sword and their own determination and delve into the bizarre world of the human psyche. Gather your courage, drive off nightmares, and restore peace to a troubled soul. A fantastical and creepy adventure awaits. Also, there will be musical boss fights, and we are living for it.

Game features include:

  • Hone your sword: Hack, slash and dodge in real-time action through the obstacles the nightmares send your way. 
  • Rack your brain: Unravel mind-bending puzzles paving the path to restore peace, make that crumbling mind whole again with your solving skills.
  • Shift between 2 states: Open-minded? Closed-minded?  Switch back and forth between the two perspectives to alter reality and matter.
  • Epic musical showdowns: Fight glorious, rhythmic boss battles set to colourful songs and fend off existential dread! 
  • A surreal and stunning world: Explore beautiful hand drawn environments inspired by the human’s psyche, halfway between Magritte and Disney.

Figment 2: Creed Valley Prologue is now available for free download. The full game will be released later this year on PC.

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