Reviewer Gives Warning of Potential Epilepsy Triggers in Cyberpunk 2077

Word of Caution for Epileptic Players Looking to Pick up Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is the game on everyone’s minds this week, and let’s face it–all the weeks before that, but it’s ESPECIALLY prominent this week. The latest RPG by CD Projekt RED, the developer of The Witcher series is set to release tomorrow and early review scores have already started to circulate. While review scores are looking good, there have been reports of epileptic triggers found in the game by reviewers.

Liana Ruppert, a journalist for Game Informer reported on their twitter account that they had a seizure themselves while playing through Cyberpunk2077.

The writer posted an article to Game Informer highlighting some of the elliptic triggers they noticed while playing through the game. While it’s hard to say if the article includes every trigger found in the game, it does cover a lot. I recommend you give it a read if you feel like you could potentially be affected by these triggers.

Since Ruppert made the initial trigger warning, Epilepsy Action, the UK’s leading member-led epilepsy charity, made a statement on the organization’s twitter page regarding the issue.

The organization’s tweet serves as both a warning to players and a call to action to developer CD Projekt RED, calling the animation and lighting cues featured in the game unsafe and that they should have been avoided. As of now, CD Projekt RED has not made a statement on the matter but hopefully they will offer an epilepsy safe option in a future update. Of course, with the game releasing tomorrow and so many players looking forward to picking it up, let’s hope this patch comes sooner rather than later.

**UPDATE** There is now a seizure warning displayed at the start of the game.