Smite Ends Its Best Year Yet With New Hunter Danzaburou

Celebrate a Great Game With the Legendary Tanuki

If you’ve been following us, you know we like to talk about console MOBA Smite and its many, many playable deities, monsters, and spirits–special emphasis on that last one, because today we’re here to talk about one spirit in particular. Danzaburou, the shady and shapeshifting tanuki merchant from Japan, has now entered the fray and he’s playing for keeps. His reveal trailer makes him look incredibly fun to play as and tricky to play against. Also, he’s small and fuzzy, and we kinda want to give him a hug.

The press release describes Danzaburou’s kit like this: “Cute critter but cunning crook, this bake-danuki once worshipped in Japan comes with abilities as diversified as his assets. He passively increases his gold gains, and he can throw money bags at enemies or taunt them with irresistible saké bottles. His shapeshifting powers allow him to slip furtively through enemy lines, or to become a spectacular explosive rocket.”

They had us at ‘explosive.’ But as excellent as Danzaburou may be, he’s just the icing on the cake. This has been a great year for Smite. In fact, it’s their best yet. Twelve content updates, five new gods–including favorites like Cthulhu and Baba Yaga–seven events, and six Battle Passes. That’s nothing to sneeze at. The AvatarSmite crossover was especially successful, earning so much praise it drove the game to an all-time high. Limited-time adventure modes and updated maps were greeted warmly by players. It’s been a record-setting year all around, so it’s fitting that Smite ends 2020 by introducing players to a god whose abilities include spreading irresistible alcohol around the field.

Congratulations, Smite! We’re glad someone’s having a good time in 2020.

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