Returnal Releasing in 2021 for PS5

The Game Awards Showed Returnal Gameplay

Housemarque’s Returnal was leaked ahead of The Game Awards 2020, but that didn’t some the gameplay world premiere from being just as epic as it would’ve been. The third-person shooter will feature roguelike mechanics in an endless death loop that you must try to break free from. The gameplay includes an extensive arsenal of weapons that is surely the tip of the iceberg. Returnal was officially confirmed for release on March 19th 2021 for PS5 during the brief Game Awards trailer.

“My end is waiting at the beginning. I will go there now,” said the voice over for the new gameplay reveal for Returnal. “The crash! Every time! What is this cycle I’m trapped inside?” In order to succeed in Returnal, gamers will apparently have to break the cycle by delving deeper and deeper into the loop to unlock all of its secrets. The third-person gameplay and futuristic dubstep will feel familiar to Risk of Rain 2 fans, but it has a bit more shine to it fittingly considering it’s a PS5 exclusive.

Returnal’s release date was leaked by Best Buy Canada ahead of its reveal during The Game Awards, but the trailer officially confirmed the March release date, leaving PS5 gamers only a few months to wait before getting their hands on this new exclusive. Best Buy Canada also had a suggested retail price of $89.99 which is in line with brand new next-gen titles in Canada.

Will you be playing Returnal when it releases in March or waiting on a price drop? Let us know in the comments below!