PS5 Gamers are Reporting DualSense Drift

Is DualSense Drift the New JoyCon Drift?

Since the release of Xbox Series X/S and PS5, gamers are reporting a number of issues with both consoles, and it looks like several PS5 owners are experiencing DualSense drift. Nintendo fans are no strangers to drift, with JoyCon drift sparking multiple lawsuits, but PlayStation fans haven’t encountered much drift on the PS4 generation but it looks like the PS5 may be changing things. With all of the issues gamers are going through to get these next-gen consoles, it’s easy to understand why someone would be frustrated with any hardware issues coming up already.

Dualsense mic

Stick drift has been an issue since analog sticks were added to controllers, and to some degree or another, it’s still an issue with any controller with them. We’ve encountered drift issues beyond the JoyCon, but gamers are widely familiar with the term JoyCon drift, which hopefully won’t become DualSense drift during the next generation of consoles. Some gamers on Reddit have noted that the DualSense controller utilizes the same analog component on its board as the DualShock 4, suggesting the DualSense should have the same rate of drift.

“My left stick died on Monday after first playing my console Friday. Sending it back to retailer,” said a seemingly unbiased Redditor known as Stealthy_Facka. “Luckily I have a spare. Very disappointed in the DS durability, hoping that the one I had was an outlier and not just due to bad QA.”

“Target replaced it with a brand new controller—relatively painless process,” said another Redditor called Verity21. “Here’s hoping the new one has no issues.”

“I’ve had my PS5 maybe 2 weeks, and I’m dealing with drift,” said Redditor FLdudeWTF. “I’m a casual gamer, I’m gentle with my electronics, and the last time I had a drift issue was with my Nintendo 64 controllers. I’ve been through three Nintendo consoles since then, three Sony consoles since then (not including be current one) and one Microsoft console.”

Have you encountered any stick drift on the next-gen consoles? Let us know in the comments below!