The Nintendo Download for December 10th Brings New Games Galore

Also Some Fun Older Ones

The latest round of Nintendo Download update has come to North America and it’s a treasure trove of new and old titles. The Switch might be showing its age a bit, but it’s still getting a lot of awesome titles. The Switch eShop highlights are PixelJunk Eden 2, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, and–just to shake things up a bit–DOOM Eternal. Two adorable games dedicated to exploring and puzzle-solving respectively and then one epic, metal first-person shooter. Sounds about right. PixelJunk Eden 2 offers a world of new plants and biomes to revitalize and is currently available for $14.99. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is another round of the incredible puzzle game crossover we never expected to get, so it’s automatically excellent, despite being priced a bit higher at $39.99. And DOOM Eternal… is DOOM Eternal. What you see is what you get, so don’t hold back, unless that $59.99 price tag is your real foe.

That’s awesome. But what else is available on the Nintendo eShop? Good question! Here’s a list of newly arrived titles so long you’re sure to find something you enjoy:

If you aren’t reading this from North America, go check out the eShop in your region see what great deals Nintendo has in store for you. Or you could just check out that new update to Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s steampunk-inspired. Go on, press that icon. You know you want to.

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