ShaRkPG Maneater Swims onto Next-Gen Consoles

Evolve Far Beyond What Nature Intended

Maneater explodes out of the depths just in time for a new console generation. The only action rpg where you play as a shark, doing shark things, is coming back onto the scene in a big way. Starting today, Epic Games players can join million worldwide and pick up this title for Xbox Series S|X, and soon for PS5 as well. The best modern hardware has to offer will be more than enough to lure you back into the water. Maneater supports native 4K HDR at 60 FPS, but that’s not all you have to look forward to. Brand new lighting effects will bring this underwater world to vivid, brutal life the way that only next-gen consoles can. Developer Tripwire Interactive has even got Ray-Tracing lined up in a post-release patch. Can you even imagine how that will look in action?

For those of you who missed out on our previous coverage, Maneater is a story of revenge–specifically, the revenge that you, a small bull shark pup cut from your dead mother’s stomach by a shark-hating fisherman, are going to exact on mankind, their creations, and everything else that crosses your path. It’s a fun outing into cartoony surrealism with some uncomfortable undertones about how overfishing and pollution are affecting our oceans. Also, the shark not being a Great White is actually pretty realistic. Great Whites have been known to attack humans, but it’s usually by mistake. Bull sharks, on the other hand, are jerks.

If you currently own Maneater for the PS4 or Xbox One, then you can look forward to a free next-gen update. When your console evolves, so does this game! They’re very committed to the bit. PC players will also receive next-gen updates in 2021. If you don’t already own Maneater–well, what are you waiting for? You play as a shark! You eat people! You get to bounce out of the water and flop around on your belly while fishermen shoot RPGs at you! It’s a good time, we promise!

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