A Legendary Trio is Back in Pokemon Go

One for All and All for One

Bad news, Pokemon fans: Lugia has been retired (for now) from raid battles. The psychic/flying legendary will be sorely missed, but luckily a new trio is taking his place, as Terrakion, Coballion, and Virizion are now available in raid battles until 1PM Pacific Time on November 24th.

The three pokemon were first introduced in the Generation V’s Unova region, based on the United States. Drawing inspiration from The Three Musketeers, these legendary beasts are known as the Swords of Justice trio. Although the fourth member of the group, the water/fighting type Keldeo (Referencing the protagonist of Alexandre Dumas’s novel d’Artagan, who wished to join the musketeers) is notably not going to be making an appearance.

Looking to take down the Swords of Justice and add them to your team? Good luck, these level five raids are bound to pose a challenge.

Terrakion, as a fighting/rock type, is weak to psychic, water, grass, and fighting types.

Virizion is a grass/fighting type, so while a fire or psychic type might seem ideal, your best bet would be exploiting its double weakness to flying or poison types.

Cobalion is a fighting/steel mix. Steel is a buljy defensive type, but a strong fire type should melt through its armor.

The bad news is that which pokemon will appear in which raid is randomized, so if you’re particularly keen to add one to your team, or else just want to fill an empty slot in your pokedex you didn’t manage last time the three turned up as raid bosses, prepare to have some serious patience.

Pokemon Go

Of course, it’s worth remembering that we’re still in a pandemic, and you should always practise social distancing, wear a mask, and sanitize your hands regularly while playing Pokemon Go.

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