Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Out on Switch

Life Finds a Way

Out of all the games spawned from the Jurassic Park series, Jurrasic World: Evolution is the most authentic, both in terms of the films and as a business management sim. The game puts you in the shoes of Jurassic World’s CEO, developing parks on the Las Cincos Muertos Archipelago – the Five Deaths, and the setting for the parks in the game itself. Fan-favorite characters from across the franchise turn up to offer their support, and you have to appease each of the three different divisions or risk sabotage – although, bafflingly, the Entertainment and Security division often require you to release dinosaurs as part of their missions. Apparently, nothing says good times like an escaped T-Rex.

Now, the Complete Edition has come to the Switch, bringing with it all the DLC, whether that’s story DLC or dinosaur packs.

The story packs are:

The Secrets of Doctor Wu – an expansion which dives deeper into the machinations of the villainous Doctor Wu.

Claire’s Sanctuary – A DLC inspired by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which has you work with Claire to rehome dinosaurs from the volcanic Isla Nublar to a Sanctuary where they can live in peace.

Return to Jurassic Park – set in the aftermath of the original movie, this DLC sees you work with the original cast to reclaim Isla Nublar following the events of Jurassic Park’s downfall.

Jurassic World Evolution Jeff Goldblum

The game’s a perfect fit for the Switch, as the touch screen functionality will give you high control of some features which can be a bit tricky on a gamepad – such as tranquilizing or administering medicine manually from a helicopter. It also means that you can now bring your park with you wherever you go, perfect for a genre of games which is inherently more casual than others.

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