Rockstar Games Issue The Heist Challenge to GTA Online Players

Was This Created By Dr. Evil?

Heists may have come to GTA Online something like five years after its launch, despite being boasted as a feature before the game came out, but Rockstar and the players are still finding their uses for it. Mainly money; money is pretty useful. The trouble with GTA Online missions, heists included, is that they get stale if you are grinding money for a sweet new ride. For the next week, players have a new incentive to replay heist finales with The Heist Challenge, a collective goal among all GTA Online players.

GTA Online

The Heist Challenge is calling on players to collectively steal $100 billion. That’s like some Jeff Bezos money. If by November 18th, the community has achieved their goal, Rockstar will be issuing a new special vehicle to all players for free. There is no word on what kind of vehicle it is, whether it is a flying laser car or just a really fast motorcycle, but there’s only one way to find out. All heists are only the table, from The Fleeca Job to The Pacific Standard, Doomsday Heists to The Diamond Casino Heist.

Of course, normally, these heists require some hefty investments, but Rockstar is removing 75% of the set up fees for The Diamond Casino Heist to help get players into the crime-ing mood. Rockstar is also teasing the possibility of players heisting some diamonds from the casino for some bonus keesh. GTA V is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Will you be working toward that $100 billion goal with other players? Let us know in the comments below.