HBO’s The Last Of Us VS The Walking Dead’s Final Series

Will It Be Zombie Show Versus Zombie Show?

HBO’s The Last Of Us may have finally entered production, but now a new threat has risen out of the Clicker-infested ruins of America. No, not some kind of mutated zombie or even a Rat King–something worse. Competition. Reports claim that AMC’s The Walking Dead will finally be buried for good in 2022 after its eleventh series comes to a close. It’s sad to see the undead juggernaut go down, but we’re more concerned about the possibility that The Walking Dead‘s last hurrah might overshadow TLOU‘s small-screen debut. The Walking Dead may not be quite as popular as it once was, but it’s still had a long time to build up a following and become a phenomenon. Also, it’s 2020, and we don’t know how many dark zombie shows people really have the energy to watch.

Despite the very real possibility that TLOU will begin airing at the same time as The Walking DeadTWD chief content officer Scott Gimple doesn’t seem overly concerned about these two shows fighting for the same zombie-loving market. He called TLOU “an amazing game” and praised the creators behind it, but stated firmly that “it’s incredibly different than The Walking Dead.” 

All things considered, we do have to agree with him. TWD is one of those Game of Thrones-type shows that don’t hesitate to kill off the main cast, after all, while TLOU is dedicated to exploring the budding relationship between two characters who’ve outlived everyone they loved. At least, that goes for TLOU part 1, which is the part being adapted here. But who knows this early in development? Apparently, writer/director Craig Mazin wants to take some risks and plans to add in scenes that were cut from the original game. In his words: “Our goal is not to keep you in love with The Last of Us, but to make you fall in love with it again in a different way.”

That sounds pretty great. We can’t wait to discover the jaw-dropping moments that were excluded from the game.

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