Watch Dogs: Legion Gets a New Story Trailer

The Newest Game in the Series Drops on October 29

We’ve already talked a fair bit about the newest game in the Watch Dogs series, which is going out of its way to be one of the wildest wide open sandboxes ever made. Whether you’re using beatboxing as a distraction or playing as an old granny with a vendetta against the villainous Albion, the game is bringing the series’ focus on letting you approach missions how you want to new heights. Being able to play as any character you recruit opens up new paths, like playing as a builder on a mission set at a building site, and take advantage of their unique skills and careers, such as a lawyer who can get your operatives out of prison or a brawler who gets a combat bonus while drunk, but as over the top as the game is, it’s still surprisingly dark under the surface, as the new trailer shows.

The trailer explains the core storyline in more length: a masked terrorist has set off a bomb in London, and has every intention of exploding more. Unfortunately, Dedsec have been blamed, leading your ragtag group of misfits to not only take down the corrupt government and crime syndicates that run London, but clear their name and foil the terrorist’s plot.

The game hits a nice balance between the original’s dark and gritty atmosphere and the second game’s more fun and lighthearted take on the concept. It’s also going to tackle major real-world issues, specifically Brexit. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has caused a lot of trouble and many Brits – including myself – are highly critical of the concept. Legion is set in a worst-case scenario, where the lack of regulation has led to an Authoritarian Police State. Given that we’re living in the middle of a Pandemic and Britain is likely about to cripple its economy further, by walking away from the world’s largest trading bloc with no trade deal in place, it’ll be nice to see a game exploring the possible consequences of the decision with a sense of humor.

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