A Ton of Pokémon Switch Controllers and Accessories Coming

Gotta Buy ‘Em All

Pokémon: Sword and Shield’s next expansion The Crown Tundra is coming up fast. If you’ve been taking a break from the game, this DLC might bring you back into all the excitement. Something else that might excite players is that Hori is making a bunch of accessories and Nintendo Switch controllers with Pokémon designs, and boy are they stylish. They may not be available in time for The Crown Tundra, but if there are any trainers in your family, you may want to think about picking something up for them.

Pokémon Switch Controllers

Hori is a company that wants to “enhance your gaming experience” through the use of their gaming peripherals and accessories. Pokémon is a huge brand, so it makes sense for them to want to make officially licensed Pokémon and Nintendo products. They have a bunch of things for Switch users, no matter if you have a Switch Lite or a regular Switch; Hori has your Switch covered, literally. Not only do they have Joy Cons and Pro Controllers with black and gold Pikachu designs on them, but they have Switch Lite covers and protectors, Nintendo Switch carrying cases, split Pad Pros, and a Switch PlayStand. Whatever your play style, you should definitely at least check them out.

None of these products are available for pre-order yet, but Hori says that they will be available during the holiday season. Prices for these Pokémon accessories range between $12.99 and $49.99, depending on what you’re looking at. If you are looking into some Pokémon games for a family member this holiday season, check out Hori.

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