Hothead Games Offers You Exclusive Content for a Good Cause

Give a Little, Get a LittleĀ 

Vancouver-based developer Hothead Games, known for their high-quality mobile games, are doing their bit for the Extra-life project. You will be able to donate to this amazing initiative, and get a little something in return from the fine folks over at Hothead.

Founded in 2008, The Extra-life project was inspired by Victoria Enmon, a young gymnast from Texas who heroically battled leukaemia for four years before tragically passing away. During her time in children’s hospital, Victoria found video games to be a great comfort; her friends and family took inspiration from the escape that video games could offer, and have turned it into a world-wide fundraising initiative where the gaming community can get together to enjoy their collective passion while raising much needed funds to help children’s hospitals do their critical work.

There are many different ways you can get involved in Extra-life, and the good people at Hothead are making it super easy. Simply donate a minimum of $2 to receive an in-game bonus for the epic mobile-fps Kill Shot Bravo, the action-packed team-based Hero Hunters, or the addictive Super Hit Baseball. There are multiple tiers of rewards depending on how much you donate, with increasingly awesome rewards including new skins, hero tokens, and for $35 you get all the previous tiers plus the gnarly-looking assault-rifle they’re calling “The Grisly Goblin” – right in time for Halloween!

Hothead is passionate about supporting this great cause, and they have an ambitious target of raising $15,000 for the BC Children’s Hospital – an institution that provides life-changing care for those that need it most. Any amount you can spare will help bring Hothead closer to this goal, and the team have set up multiple milestones on the way which, when reached, will trigger a gift of in-game currency to all players. The more we give, the more we get!

So if you already enjoy any of these games, or want something new on your mobile, then this is a great opportunity to game and feel good – supporting Extra-life in their wonderful campaign.


COGconnected’s own Paul Sullivan is also raising funds for Extra-Life, undertaking an epic gaming marathon to smash his old record, and you can check it out on Twitch and Youtube. Donate to Paul’s funraising effort HERE.