World Esports Day is On the Horizon

Celebrate the Power of Gaming

Yeah, it’s that time of year again. World Esports Day is coming this weekend, so mark off October 24th on your calendar and save the date. This global celebration of esports aims to celebrate competitive gaming and unite the community. That means every angle of competitive gaming, from tournaments to streams to games to players. Whether you’re a competitor, a viewer, a developer, or anything in between, World Esports Day is the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to raise your voice and increase awareness of esports.

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Taken straight from the event website, here are a few simple steps showing how you can get involved. All you have to do is come up with an esports-related activity, and then:

  1. Visit the World Esports Day ‘Get Involved’ page
  2. Contact them on socials or via email with your event details (please also include your PNG logo if you have one)
  3. Use the hashtag #worldesportsday and feel free to mention them on Twitter @worldesportsday or Instagram @worldesportsday
  4. Add these logos to your stream, website or social page to show your support
  5. Complete your activity!

But what kind of activity should you be thinking about here? Answer: anything! The sky’s the limit. Organize a match against friends! Host a podcast talking about esports! Arrange a small tournament! Stream yourself trying to pull off pro-level tactics! If you can think of it, make it happen. Better yet, why not use this event as an excuse to donate to a good cause? It’s easy, especially if you live in the UK. The British Esports Association, the not-for-profit organization set up to promote and support esports, will be teaming up with SpecialEffect and Percent this year to funnel their earnings directly to disabled and vulnerable gamers. SpecialEffect doesn’t just work towards a future where everyone can play video games, they also help create custom joypads and control methods you can use with your eyes. Meanwhile, Percent will use its global giving API to make charitable donations safe, secure, and easy.

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Tom Donegan, Fundraising Lead at SpecialEffect, said that: “We’re proud to join with the British Esports Association, Percent and our friends across the world in celebrating the positive impact of esports in bringing people together to enjoy the games we all love.”

The day is coming up soon and we’re ready to play. Are you? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.