Mages Announces Corpse Party Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch

No Invitation Necessary

Some happy news for Halloween-time. The bloody brilliant gore game Corpse Party is coming to Nintendo Switch. There is a bit of an asterisk on that though. As you may know, Corpse Party is a super bloody multimedia anime series. There have been games coming out for about 24 years. There’s the original Corpse Party, the Corpse Party remake Blood Covered, and a further remaster of the remake Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear, as well as numerous sequels. Repeated Fear is what will apparently be coming to the Switch.

Corpse Party Remake

The original Corpse Party features a cast of five protagonists, which is expanded upon in Corpse Party: Blood Covered to a group of nine. It also has remastered visuals and a deeper setting and story. Repeated Fear builds upon that remake with animated artwork and full voice acting. While this might sound like it’s coming just in time for Halloween, it’s not. Developer Mages Inc announced this port of the game to be coming in 2020, but with less that two weeks before Halloween, there is no chance we will see it by then. Not only that, but it is only announced for Japan at the moment.

Hopefully, a localized Western version is being prepared for North American audiences. If it is, it probably won’t be in our hands until 2021 at the earliest. Hey, maybe we can still shoot for Halloween 2021. Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear is coming to Nintendo Switch hopefully by the end of this year in Japan.

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