Ghost of Tsushima Will See 60FPS on PS5, Also Dogs

A Storm is Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we like to keep you guys updated on Ghost of Tsushima. Whether it’s game-changing updates or interviews with the devs, we’ve got you covered. So we’re especially happy to tell you all that this samurai action game will be backward-compatible with PS5, and it will be arriving to next-gen consoles with style. Developer Sucker Punch shared the news over Twitter yesterday to thunderous applause and many, many enthusiastic memes. But if that had you excited, just wait until you see what else they had to tell us: the PS5 will include an option to boost framerates, meaning that Ghost of Tsushima will be running at up to 60FPS. How’s that for good news?

Don’t leave yet! This isn’t the end of our story. Starting on October 16th, Ghost of Tsushima version 1.1 will give New Game Plus players their most amazing ability yet: befriending dogs. Equip the Charm of Canine Recruitment to pet any pupper you come across and turn it into an ally. Best ability in the game, we’re calling it. They’re never going to top this. Unless…

Yep. You can pet the spirit dogs in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Game of the Year found. Everyone else can go home now.

Kidding! Probably. Final Fantasy XVI could still give its protagonist a dog, after all. That said, we’re genuinely hyped about these new announcements. Tech aficionados, imagine how gorgeous–and nerve-wracking–those battles are going to be at 60FPS. Dog aficionados, we have found you a new puppy to play with. And hey, between petting every good boy in Kamakura period Japan, maybe check out that whole wide-open sandbox adventure we keep nattering about.

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