Far Cry 6 Delayed Until After March 2021

Another Victim of 2020

This year has had a lot of great games, but it’s also had a lot of delayed ones, with Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us: Part 2, and Cyberpunk 2077 just a few of the games that have been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, and unfortunately it looks like we might have been a tad too optimistic that these delays would be over soon. Unfortunately, we’ve had confirmation that the latest game in the Far Cry series has also been delayed until the next fiscal year (April 2021 – March 2022), rather than the originally scheduled release of February 18.

The Far Cry series puts you in the shoes of various characters who are stranded in various tropical locales (From the Far Cry 4’s Himalayan Kurat to Far Cry 3’s beautiful pacific-themed Rock Island’s) as they work to take down different villains, all of whom have some form of large following amongst the local criminals, whether they be an army of pirates or a right-wing Militia. Far Cry 6 is set to take place in Yara, a Cuban inspired country, as your character Dani, a young guerrilla fighter – works to bring down the regime of fascist dictator Antón Castillo.

The games have a reputation for being visually stunning and a lot of fun, with varied missions and RPG elements that allow you to play the game in a variety of ways, while still having a sense of humour to go alongside the the bloody carnage, whether that’s Far Cry 5’s ability to have a diabetic bear as one of your companions or a mission in Far Cry 3 where your character’s mission is to burn down a pot farm and escape while stoned from the fumes.

Diego and Anton

We don’t know when Far Cry 6 will drop now but Ubisoft have confirmed that the game would be ready for release on the original date if it wasn’t for the ongoing pandemic as they continue to optimize their work methods. Essentially there’s less than six months worth of work – at least in a normal year – so hopefully it’ll be released sooner, rather than later.

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