Deleting Facebook Account Deletes Your Oculus Purchases

If You Die in Facebook, You Die in Real Life

Buyer beware: if you have a hateful relationship with Facebook, you may want to carefully consider what VR platform you want to use. That is, if you are planning on getting into VR at all. You may be familiar with the most popular VR platforms. You got PSVR, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus. PSVR is owned by Sony, HTC Vive is owned by HTC and Valve, Valve Index is also owned by Valve, and Oculus is owned by Facebook. Don’t forget who owns what, and what exactly you are subscribing to.

Oculus Purchases

Reading the Terms and Services of products and applications are important and everybody always does. Still, there are some conditions that may not sit right with you and may even blindside you. For instance, if you are a Oculus user, you better be committed to your Facebook account. Not only do you require one to create an Oculus account, but deleting your Facebook account prevents you from accessing your Oculus purchases. Your Facebook account is basically your gateway to your VR experience. This made clear by a warning a user now gets when opting to delete their account on Facebook.

Requiring supplementary accounts for games or other apps is not unique to Facebook or even a new thing. Having an Xbox Live profile or PlayStation Network ID requires an email address, as do so many other things. With services like that though, they can often be transferred to other email addresses. It is a little odd that the existence of your purchases are tied to just one account.

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