Dead by Daylight Unleashes a Trailer for the New Tome

See You in the Fog

Dead by Daylight’s a bit of a grind. With a massive 45 playable characters – and counting – each with their own unique perks which can be taught to others after reaching a certain rank. It can cost millions of bloodpoints (in-game currency) to level up a character you don’t intend to use, just so you can unlock their perks. After that, you have to spend more bloodpoints on the characters you do use in the hopes of the perks you want appearing in their bloodweb.

To combat this, Behaviour unveiled the archives last year – an opportunity to complete specific challenges in exchange for bloodpoints, lore, and new cosmetics. The archives are split into tomes, with each focusing on a selection of characters, with the most recent offering new lore for The Hag, The Wraith, Meg, and Ace. With the release of the newest trailer we now know that Tome V, Unleashed, will focus on The Hilbilly – a deformed, chainsaw-wielding killer – The Blight – an Alchemist whose experiments led him to the entity – and Nea Karlsson – a young street artist.

It’s unusual for the tomes to have only one survivor to two killers as the focus, but it makes sense this would happen eventually – the game launched with four survivors and three killers, and usually releases a new killer and survivor as part of each DLC. Several characters have been released without a corresponding killer or survivor, however (Ash, Bill, Leatherface, and, sadly, Ghostface). Add to that the inclusion of two survivors in the Stranger Things DLC, and there’s slightly more survivors to play with than killers.

The trailer focuses specifically on The Hillbilly, who was locked away by his abusive parents due to his deformity, only to escape and kill them. His tragic backstory may lend him some sympathy, however prior to a noticeable nerf earlier this year he was consistently regarded as one of the strongest killers in the game, able to traverse the map at high speeds for a one-hit down with his chainsaw. He’s recently had his power adjusted to prevent him from spamming it, instead needing to wait for it to cool down should it overheat due to extended use, but he’s still a formidable killer in the right hands, so players should beware – we’re going to see a lot more in lobbies.

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Source: YouTube