Xbox Game Pass for PC Will Be Getting a Little Pricier

Xbox Game Pass for PC Is Leaving Beta and Getting Pricier

Xbox Game Pass is officially leaving its beta phase on tv, but as result it will increase in price a little bit. Game Pass released for PC about a year ago at the low cost of $4.99 per month, but as it leaves beta it will become $9.99 per month. While this is an increase in cost to PC players, Xbox fans are all familiar with the $9.99 fee for the extensive library of games. Currently, there’s no word on whether or not Game Pass Ultimate will increase in cost anytime soon. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the Game Pass lineup to Xbox One, PC, and soon it’s coming to Xbox Series X/S and mobile.

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As a result of the beta phase coming to a closure, the official Twitter account for Xbox Game Pass for PC said, “ICYMI: we’re going into General Availability next week. wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave us feedback (yes, even the ANGRY ALL CAPS kind) throughout the beta. we couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!” While there are a lot of people who take to Twitter to voice their frustrations, it’s great to see Xbox Game Pass for PC being so humble for this recent milestone.

Xbox Game Pass for PC may be increasing in cost, but Microsoft is bringing more value to the package this holiday season by teaming up with EA to bring EA Play to the lineup. This comes at no additional cost for subscribers, as the beta phase was already expected to eventually end, and a price hike out of beta is no surprise. When Game Pass for PC becomes more available on September 17th, the price increase will take effect.

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