Rumor: Nintendo’s New Switch to Support 4k

Nintendo’s Been an Outlier in the Console Wars

While Sony and Microsoft are consistently squaring off against each other when it comes to graphics, Nintendo have always steered clear of the war. It’s not that Nintendo’s games aren’t stunning – just look at any of the Zelda games for just one example – but they’re more concerned with making games fun than in exploring the latest technology.

One thing that’s been touted a lot for both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 is that both consoles support 4K- in layman’s terms there’ll be more pixels to allow for higher resolution and cleaner graphics.

There have been rumors about what the internet have dubbed the Switch Pro since 2019, and the rumors have gone into overdrive over the past couple of months- although Nintendo have been quick to deny rumors (Although, crucially, they’ve stated they have no intention of releasing a new console this year, whereas anonymous sources within Nintendo have reportedly announced that a new console is in the works for next year.

Given that the holiday season will see the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 vying for dominance, it’d definitely be a smart move for Nintendo to bow out without a fully new console, as opposed to an upgraded one.

We have more reason to think that a new console is coming due to a recent Bloomberg Report which states that Nintendo have reportedly asked third-party developers to ensure their upcoming games are 4k ready – a resolution the current version of the Switch doesn’t support.#switch lite 3ds games

Ultimately, Nintendo is one of the oldest video game companies in the world, and have been working on consoles for longer than either Microsoft or Sony. A new console being on the way is a given – the question is when the new console will come out, and what form it will take when it does.

Do you think that a new Switch will debut next year? Let us know!