Horde Mode Mod Comes To Doom Eternal

Rip And Tear Without End, Almost

Sure, Doom Eternal is a brutal, high octane, first-person, demon-filled, gore-soaked assault on your senses. But what if what was just a tiny bit more intense? A couple of modders, proteh and Solart, have set out to answer this very question with a Horde Mode mod.  The full details regarding said mod can be found below:

Doom Eternal horde mode mod

– Wave based horde mode gameplay, where you will get ammo, weapons, extra lives, upgrades, sentinel crystals, weapon mods and points after each round.
-Each wave will be harder than the previous one, most of the time presenting you with new enemies to deal with.
-There will be “boss waves” where you will fight buffed up versions of some enemies.
-The music will be cycling through all the available songs in the game to add some variety.
-The final wave will be a very challenging never-ending arena where you will have to fight to see how much time you can stay alive.
-Some props and/or monkey bars might be added for some waves to spice things up a bit more depending on the enemies you have to fight.

The Horde Mode mod will launch on September 13th, 2020 right the heck now for the PC version of Doom Eternal. A new video will drop on the launch date, complete with installation instructions. You can check out the latest trailer for the Horde Mode mod just below. DOOM Eternal is out right now for PC, PS4, and the Xbox One.