Cyberpunk 2077 to Include Microtransactions… But Only in Multiplayer

Be Ready to Pay Up

*Editor’s note: this article’s headline and text have been updated to clarify that microtransactions will only be present in Cyberpunk 2077’s completely separate multiplayer component. The single player experience has no microtransactions.*

Microtransactions aren’t necessarily a popular business model. While in some cases they can be used purely for cosmetics, often microtransactions are used to unlock new skills, purchase items that give players a valuable advantage, or even in some cases to continue playing the game if the game uses an energy-based business model.

The system has seen a lot of criticism over recent years, but one component of Cyberpunk 2077 will indeed feature microtransactions. That said, the goal is that players won’t feel forced to spend real money.

During their financial results conference call, where they discussed Cyberpunk 2077’s upcoming multiplayer mode, Adam Kiciński, president and joint CEO of CD Projekt Red stated that the aim wasn’t to be aggressive in their marketing.

“The goal is to design monetization in a way that makes people happy to spend money. I’m not trying to be cynical or hide something; it’s about creating a feeling of value. Same as with our single-player games: we want gamers to be happy while spending money on our products. The same is true for microtransactions: you can expect them, of course, and CP is a great setting for selling things, but it won’t be aggressive; it won’t upset gamers but it’ll make them happy – that’s our goal at least.”

So what can we expect when microtransactions launches? Given the team are focusing on making sure that people are happy with the money they’ve spent, it could mean that there would be some skills or upgrades that have to be purchased – although this could be seen as the sort of aggressive move that Kiciński wants to avoid.

The most likely explanation is that the microtransactions will tie into the focus on customization, unlocking new cosmetic items to allow you more freedom to create your own personal V.

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