TennoCon 2020 Reveals Warframe Expansion – Heart of Deimos

August Will Be a Big Month for Warframe

TennoCon, which is normally a Warframe convention held in Ontario, Canada, has gone entirely digital this year. The biggest reveal of the day may be the newest Warframe expansion called Heart of Deimos. It will have the third open world area in the game for players to explore. It will take place on a moon called Cambion Drift and will be fighting against the Infested in the expansion’s own series of story missions. 2020 will also be seeing the introduction of three new Warframes to play as.

Warframe Expansion

One of the new Warframes called Xaku has been revealed during this TennoCon. Xaku is the result of a community-design initiative and is a gender-neutral Warframe. This is because they are a mash-up of several different Warframe parts. The other two Warframes on their way are called Alchemist and Wraithe, but they are not yet as detailed for us as Xaku. If you are learning this for the first time, you are already too late, but fans who watched the main event of TennoCon on Twitch, TennoLive, got some free stuff for Warframe. Of course, they would have needed their Twitch account to be linked with their Warframe account.

The free content from viewing TennoLive is a new Prime Warframe called Hydroid Prime. Primes are more powerful versions of a Warframe, but getting them can be pretty difficult. A free one is nothing to turn your nose up at. In addition to Hydroid Prime, they also got a free Athodai Hand Cannon. The new expansion and new Warframe Xaku will be coming on August 25th. Warframe is available as a free-to-play title on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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