In Sound Mind Drops Two New Videos

Get Ready to Lose Your Mind

Mental trauma isn’t a new thing to video games. Horror games like Silent Hill, The Evil Within, and Among the Sleep have let you explore a characters psyche, whether that’s the protagonist or a third party. However, we’ve never seen it played out quite like this before.

In Sound Mind has you wake up in a mysterious building. As you explore you soon discover tapes which let you explore the psyche of another character who found themselves there, all of whom fell victim to a mysterious chemical. Rather than simply keeping the same mechanics, however, each tape drastically changes the gameplay. One tape, for example, has you stalked by a monster which can only be safely observed via reflections, while another has you being tormented by a creature that can only be fended off by light as you seek higher ground. Essentially, each tape has you exploring a new character’s trauma, with new mechanics to do so.

As part of Gamescon 2020, developer We Create Stuff dropped both a new gameplay trailer and a developer walkthrough for some sections of the game, including one part which is available on Steam as a demo. We also gained some deeper insight into the creative process. For example, musical artist The Living Tombstone, who previously composed the soundtrack for the Five Nights at Freddies series, wrote the songs for the game during development before gameplay was developed, and music is an intrinsic part of the game itself.

Both videos showcase the game’s stylish atmosphere and visuals, including some of the different enemies and environments you’ll traverse as you explore the memories of those that came before you. We don’t have a release date for In Sound Mind as of yet, but if you’re looking for a good scare in 2021, give this one a shot.

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Source: Press Release