Rumor Mill Sure That New Switch Model Coming Next Year

If You Go In For This Kind Of Thing

A new report coming in hot from a Taiwanese newspaper claims that we’ll be seeing a new Nintendo Switch model as early as next year. As far as sources go, it’s no random Twitter account, but you take what you can get. So what is the scoop coming in from the Economic Daily News?

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“Nintendo might launch a new version of its Switch console early next year, citing unidentified people in the supply chain.” This juicy quote comes courtesy of a translation from The Edge Markets. Maybe I’m just a no-fun Frannie, but this sounds like what we in the business call “a lie.” Barring a fresh infusion of actual facts in the near future, take this one with a heaping helping of skepticism.

Of course Nintendo might launch a new console next year! They might make a pentagram out of Yoshi blood and resurrect the Virtual Boy! When you use the magic word might, anything is possible. The real story here is how many other outlets have already ran this scoop, like someone caught a drunken Nintendo executive running their mouth in a night club bathroom. There have been rumors circulating about a new Switch model for years, but they started before the release of the Switch Lite. Which might mean those rumors were about a console that’s already in the wild.