Raids Will Be Coming to Marvel’s Avengers Within Weeks of Launch

“We Have a Cooler Name for Our Game”

There has been a flood of news for Marvel’s Avengers in the past week or so. We got a pretty detailed rundown of what the upcoming beta will be like, we got our first look at Hawkeye as the first post-launch hero, and just today got confirmation of a rumor that Spider-Man will be playable as a PS4 exclusive. Now those are some pretty big ticket items for the game and almost overshadow one of the more recently announced modes for Marvel’s Avengers. In an AMA on Reddit with Philippe Therien and Lauryn Ash, they talked about a raid-like feature.

Marvel's Avengers Beta Dates

The topic of raids came up in a previous AMA, but we got a teeny tiny bit more information on it this time. Across nearly all games, there are some pretty similar types of features and modes. They bear different names, but there is almost always things Horde mode, deathmatch, photo mode; things like that. Marvel’s Avengers will have a “raid-like” mode, but let’s face it. They’re raids. Philippe Therien commented that the game will have a cooler name, so we’ll have to wait until they officially reveal their not-raids. Fortunately, we will not have to wait too long.

According to this AMA, this mode will be released “very close to launch, like not months close, weeks close but we are finalizing the date now. I think we will showcase it in one of the next news beats so i’m hoping you guys get a preview of it and then get to play it just a few short weeks after. We are also already working on more of them.” That’s exciting! Borderlands 3 has been out for almost a year and they only have two raids. Hopefully, Crystal Dynamics have more in the pipeline than Gearbox did. Marvel’s Avengers will be out on September 4th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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