Marvel’s Avengers Voice Actor Gives Us the First Good Look at MODOK

Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing

As we draw closer and closer to the release of Marvel’s Avengers, we haven’t really seen the iconic villain that the Avengers will be facing off against, until today. When AIM was revealed to be in Marvel’s Avengers, many fans rightly assumed that it would be led by MODOK AKA George Tarleton. MODOK has a very specific design that is kind of ridiculous. Traditionally, he is a giant head with tiny arms and legs, that sits in a flying chair equipped with a ton of weapons. Likely for this reason, we have not seen MODOK appear in any movies or games until now.

Marvel's Avengers MODOK

MODOK’s voice actor Usman Ally has shared with us the first image of MODOK today. As you can see from the tweet below, he has his big ass head and flying chair, but Crystal Dynamics has taken some liberties in designing MODOK, thank goodness. In the A-Day demo, we see George Tarleton pre-accident, as a regular human. In an earlier trailer, we see him beginning to transform into what we see now. In his final form, for lack of a better word, he appears to have a regular-ish human body with a giant head.

A 100% faithful design of MODOK would not look very good in a movie or video game. Such is the comic book medium. Personally, I think it looks really great. We would like to hear what you think. You will be able to take on MODOK in Marvel’s Avengers when it launches on September 4th for PC, Stadia, PS4, and Xbox One.

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