Yakuza: Like a Dragon Drops a New Trailer

The Newest Game in the Franchise is Doing Things a Little Differently

The Yakuza series has stuck to a pretty standard formula, and it’s worked. Sure, beat-em-up games might not draw as much attention as they did in the heyday of arcade gaming but you can’t argue with what works, so fans of the series were surprised when it was announced that the newest game in the franchise would be an RPG.

Yakuza Like a Dragon

Luckily, Like a Dragon’s new trailer has dropped, and while it may not dispel everyone’s concerns, it certainly shows that we have a hell of a ride in front of us.

The story follows the hero Ichiban Kasuga (Kaiji Tang) a former member of the Tojo Clan Yakuza Empire who’s released from prison after eighteen years, only to find that the leader of the Tojo Clan (played by geek icon and all-around cool old guy George Takei) has effectively disbanded his empire, bending the knee to rival Yakuza group, the Omi alliance. Pretty standard Yakuza fare, but this time around you also get to face off against construction equipment and summon a literal tempest of pigeons to fight by your side.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon launches in November on the Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows 10, and Steam. It’ll also be available for the upcoming Xbox Series X as a launch title, and the PlayStation 5 at a later date. The game was released as a PS4 exclusive in Japan back in January, where it earned a staggering 38 from Famitsu, so if that’s anything to go by, get excited; it might be a big departure from previous games in the series, but if you go into it with an open mind you might just fall in love.

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