Shadow Warrior 3 Releases New Gameplay Footage

The Shadow Warrior Series Has Always Been a Hard One to Pin Down

In a lot of ways, the original game was on the cutting edge of the FPS market: It was one of the first games to have controllable vehicles, alternate firing modes, and bosses that had more going for them than a lot of HP. Still, the original 1997 game flew under the radar, and even the reboot, while more successful, didn’t catch people’s attention in the same way as other FPS’s, like that year’s ultra-popular Bioshock Infinite, did.

Still, if you’re a fan of offbeat humor and over the top violence, you’ll find a lot to love in the series, and hot on the heels of releasing the first teaser trailer, developer Devolver Digital have dropped seventeen minutes of gameplay footage.

First, the most obvious thing: the game is gorgeous. The world is vibrant and colorful, and it fits the offbeat vibe of the game. The monster design is also amazing; similarly to Okami, every monster is first introduced with their title and has their unique powers and skillsets, and you can even use the enemies themselves as weapons; the video shows hero Lo Wang tearing out the eye of an ice-wielding Kugutsu’s eyes and tossing it like a hand grenade, freezing every enemy in the vicinity. This mechanic will give battles a surprisingly strategic edge for a game with such an emphasis on chaos, as you can prioritize one enemy and use their powers against others.

The game also introduces a grappling hook to your roster, letting you fly around the battlefield, pull enemies towards you, and even take advantage of environmental hazards like collapsible platforms or booby traps. In short, there’s going to be plenty to play around with and a lot of ways to tackle each challenge the game has to throw at you, so there’s a lot to be excited for when the game drops next year.

Shadow Warriors 3

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