Recreate E3 With Devolverland Expo Right Now

The Virtual Cancelled Conference Is On Steam For Free

The latest Devolver Digital Direct happened yesterday, and a whole lot of games were shown off. One of them is available right now, and it takes the developer’s meta vibe to a whole new level. What if you could go to E3, but it was still canceled?

Devolverland Expo

Devolverland Expo is a free release available on Steam right now that takes you through the ghostly remains of a games conference. Obviously the booths for all of Devolver Digital’s latest games are still running. Also said conference center is full of weapons and malevolent AI. Like I said, it’s a perfect recreation of E3.

This highly advanced marketing simulator is honestly, a clever way of getting the developer’s new products the maximum amount of attention from potential buyers. More companies should follow suit. Gamers are a horribly jaded bunch, and are thus forever vulnerable to violent winking irony. I can see this marketing gimmick from a mile away, for example. and I’m definitely going to download it. The short experience includes footage of all Devolver’s upcoming titles, as well a chance to fight off some sentient conference monstrosities. You can download Devolverland Expo on Steam right now. The trailer is embedded below!