FFVII Remake Production Slowed By Covid-19

Still Very Much Happening, Though

A recent interview from the Guardian sheds some light on Square Enix and their ongoing Final Fantasy VII Remake development saga. It turns out that the pandemic is slowing them down, but they’re still working through it. So, expect part two in several years.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

You can read the whole dang interview here. According to Producer Yoshinori Kitase, “Our performance will temporarily drop below 100% efficiency because of this, but I do not think there should be a big impact in the long term.” They were, like everyone else, fully blindsided by the onset of this pandemic. Square Enix isn’t the only company to encounter this problem, as several teams have reported delays this year.

My own musings on the Remake’s lumbering schedule aside, it will likely be at least a year before we grasp the full impact of Covid on the games industry. You can check out our review for Final Fantasy VII Remake here. We loved the game, though the future of the series remains nebulous and shrouded in fog. Hopefully we at least get some news on the second installment at some point later this year.