EA Rolls Out New Code of Conduct For Online Play

The New Positive Play Charter 

In the past few days, EA has pledged that they would be cracking down on rude, abusive, and insulting language used in their games. At first, this declaration by EA was quite vague and did not really layout a clear plan of how they were going to accomplish this goal. However, now they have introduced a set of guidelines that they are calling the Positive Play Charter.

EA Access

This four-point plan is going to now be included in every user agreement moving forward. Whenever you launch an EA game in the future this plan will be part of the many rules that you must abide by. Chances are they will simply be agreed upon by the player without them even bothering to read what is in the user agreement.

EA will soon be implementing better tools that will help other players report one another for toxic or unpleasant behavior. This is by no means revolutionary as many other games have this feature but in the eyes of EA and some of their fans, it will be a step in the right direction. Introducing better anti-hacker systems is also a part of this new plan. Coming across hackers is probably not this most common occurrence in most EA titles but that does not mean it never happens. The punishment for being caught cheating will most likely result in an account or IP address being put on a blacklist. The last major point of the Positive Play Charter focuses on the spreading or promotion of explicitly sexual or violent content along with things like doxxing or swatting.

Many other large publishers and developers have tried to enforce their own version of community guidelines in the past by with varying levels of success. Do you think EA will succeed or is this just a vain attempt to try and stop the inevitable?