CES 2021 Still Doing an In-Person Event

CES 2021 Brings People Together as Usual

The organizers behind the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Consumer Technology Association, have decided to move ahead with next year’s event as an in-person expo. With COVID-19 numbers going down, several countries, states, etc. are reducing restrictions on social gathering and it appears that CES 2021 will be unrestricted. The event traditionally gathers 175,000 visitors to Las Vegas and although it’s possible for thousands of people to still distance themselves appropriately, it’s unlikely that the CTA can keep that many people at arms length. CES 2021 will run from January 6th until the 9th and several major brands remain signed up to bring their upcoming gadgets.

“Our next CES in Las Vegas is in January 2021, and we plan to proceed as scheduled,” said the Consumer Technology Association. “While we plan to produce another in-person event in Las Vegas, we all face new considerations around attending conferences, conducting business and traveling to meetings…The meetings world is developing and implementing best practices, and we will assess and evaluate the latest solutions in the coming months.” During CES 2020 PlayStation unveiled their logo for the upcoming PS5 console, but by the time CES 2021 happens, the PS5 is expected to be released.

CEO of media relations company EZPR, Ed Zitron, recently took to Twitter to discourage the CTA from going ahead with CES 2021 as planned: “Honestly the CTA should have cancelled CES months ago, and holding it with no vaccine or antiviral is irresponsible. They’re gonna get lots of people really sick.” While the COVID-19 numbers are decreasing in many places, January may be too early to bring so many people together and according to Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies, maintaining social distancing at CES is “pretty much impossible.”

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Source: PC Gamer