Sony Drops New Sales Stats At CES 2020

A Billion PS4 Games, You Say?

The bad news about CES 2020 is that Sony only gave us the PS5 logo. We still have no idea what the system looks like, and there’s only been a couple leaked shots of the controller that might not even be legit. On the other hand, we have a bunch of PS4 sales stats to digest, so that’s something.

PS4 Sales Stats

The complete breakdown graphic is just above, but let’s dive into the specifics. So far, lifetime sales of the PS4 are at just over 100 million. These are pretty decent numbers for a modern system, though the VR department has been less robust. Only 5% of PS4 owners have also invested in PSVR! On the other hand, more or less everyone who’s purchased a PS4 remains a regular active user.

For a comparison, the PS3 lifetime sales capped out at around 87 million. According to Wikipedia, the PS4 is currently the 4th-best selling console of all time. If you don’t count portable systems, it’s at number 2. In fact, PlayStation systems take the top three spots. Perhaps they’ll take the top four, once the PS5 hits it’s stride! Oh, and in case you were curious about the PS5 logo, it’s exactly what you’re picturing. You know, with a 5. Very cutting edge.