Bethesda Unleashes Massive Sale on PC

Thanks Again Todd

The most attractive feature to most people about PC gaming has to be the relatively cheap price tags on games. While there are certainly good deals to be found on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, it is hard to match the competition on PC. Platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store are consistently rolling out new promotions and sales every day. However, one of the more obscure online video game markets, Green Man Gaming is putting on a show of its own. Much like its contemporaries, Green Man also has a ton of generous deals that are accessible to PC gamers. A new series of price cuts have been enacted and they are specifically targeting anything that has Bethesda’s name on it. If you are into RPGs and shooters, this was meant for you.

Doom Eternal

The usual Bethesda lineup is there as expected. Classic games like Skyrim and Fallout are almost guaranteed to be present in any sale like this but what makes this particular event stand out from the rest is the price drops on recent titles. The main attraction this time around is Doom Eternal which is currently 35% off. Keep in mind that Eternal was only released in March of this year. Having a game going on sale this early in its lifespan is almost unheard of. Especially one that has performed so well from a financial perspective.

Green Man Gaming might not be a major player on the PC scene but with deals like this, it is going to be hard to ignore for long. Many have attributed the sudden, almost overnight success of the Epic Game Store to its absurd sales and infamous free games. Perhaps if other online retailers could follow their lead there could be a lot more competition in the future. In the meantime, go buy Skyrim for the sixth time. It’s only eight dollars.