Next State of Play All About The Last of Us Part II

Coming This Wednesday

The next State of Play broadcast will be wholly dedicated to The Last of Us Part II, according to a recent tweet from PlayStation Europe. The video will go live on Wednesday, May 27th, at 1pm PST. The whole thing is expected to run for around 25 minutes.

Content includes new gameplay footage, as well as a good look at the world players will be exploring when The Last of Us Part II drops this June. Game director Neil Druckmann will be the host, guiding viewers through the whole event. Oh, and it shouldn’t need to be said, but please (please) PLEASE turn off the live chat when you watch? They will almost certainly be infested with spoilers.

In fact, the comments below that Twitter post are already littered with “blocked by the author of this post” entries, presumably due to leak-related spoilers. It’s unclear how this presentation will be impacted by that massive data breach from earlier this month, but that shadow will loom large regardless. In any case, watching the presentation itself should leave you spoiler-free, so dive on in. The Last of Us Part II is coming to the PS4 on June 19th, 2020. Expect as much coverage from us as we can cram in during the next few weeks.