Celebrate The Last of Us Part II With A PS4 Pro Bundle

A Really Beautiful One, To Boot

The hotly anticipated, somewhat spoiled, sure to be excellent The Last of Us Part II is getting a PS4 Pro bundle. If you’re the sort of person who goes all in on limited edition merch, this one looks like a must-buy. You know, unless you’re holding out for a PS5 for some reason.

The Last of Us Part II PS4 Pro Bundle

Pictured above, the console is embossed and engraved with all the gorgeous artwork you would hope for in a proper rare PS4 Pro. The controller, available for sale as a standalone item, is marked with Ellie’s trademark fern tattoo. So if you want to show that TLOU 2 love without spending 400 bucks, this is your avenue. There’s even a headset going up for sale, in case you want your whole setup to rep that bestest brand.

The console comes with a 1TB hard drive installed. However, if that’s not enough for you, there’s also going to be a Seagate 2TB external drive on sale, complete with that essential TLOU 2 branding. It seems like Sony and Naughty Dog are hoping for some extreme fans to come out of the woodwork in this, the PS4’s twilight hour. If you’re hardcore enough to go all in on this cross promotion extravaganza, you can snag every item listed for only… 590 USD. All of this engraved swag goes live when the game itself launches on June 19th, 2020. Also also, Space Camper IPA is doing a promotional six-pack, because of course they are.