Huntdown Trailer Fulll of Gore, Good Quotes

Can’t Kill ‘Em Without A Comeback Line

We’re in a golden age of retro gaming, where every possible niche has been explored and excavated. Admittedly, most of these niches are firmly rooted in the 1980’s, but things are still going pretty great. One thing a lot of these games are missing? Cheesy one-liners. The latest Huntdown trailer solves this problem, introducing three murderous weirdos with legendary one-liner power flowing from their every move.

Huntdown Trailer

You play as one of three hyper-powered sociopaths without a shred of restraint, chasing down bounties and smearing them across the pixelated pavement. Anna Conda, John Sawyer, and Mow Man all bristle with their own personalities and powers. Like yourself a cyborg? A former cop? An ex-commando? All of this can be yours, along with some light psychological scarring!

The gameplay is heavy on explosions, with every weapon raining death upon the gritty streets. Also everyone drives a sweet whip ripped right from the ephemeral 80’s. It won’t be long before historical revisionism reduces that whole decade to a collage of poster art and VHS trailers. Huntdown is out for PC, PS4, the Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox One on May 12th. You can check out that sweet trailer embedded below.

SOURCE: Press Release