EA Play Going Fully Digital This June

The First Big Show In Lieu of E3 2020

E3 2020 being cancelled has forced some drastic and rapid changes to the 2020 conference schedule. For one thing, a lot of these are going digital this year. On top of that, said shows are happening at disparate times all over the summer season. Yet it seems EA Play will happen more or less when it was always going to.

EA Play will be happening on June 11th, 2020. This is pretty much exactly when it would have happened, give or take a couple of days. While Bethesda has decided not to have an event of any sort around the usual E3 window, other companies have made different plans. Microsoft has stated they’ll do something digital this year, but so far EA is the first company to stamp a date on it, so to speak.

This falls nicely in line with EA’s usual marching orders, which tend to be just outside the usual E3 schedule lockstep. There’s no word yet on what exactly they’ll be presenting, but we’ll likely learn more soon. E3 season is when all the leaks happen, after all. We also don’t know whether or not other companies will keep that June window in mind. Perhaps EA will merely be the first of many to confirm dates in that window. They might also be the only ones. We’ll find out soon!