Political RPG Suzerain Revealed at LudoNarraCon

The Deadly Dance of Power and Chance

Apparently, just about anyone can be President, so why not do some training for the job? Torpor Games and Fellow Traveller revealed Suzerain at this year’s LudoNarraCon. The rich, complex political RPG is coming to Steam this summer, a welcome distraction from… actual politics? It looks really cool, alright?


You play the head honcho after having been newly elected to the position. Immediately, you are face with a plethora of choices. Will you be a kind ruler, or a dictator? How about the media? Are you keeping them around, maybe have one in your pocket, maybe put a couple of them in prison? Will there be a real justice system, or are you more of a ‘detention without trial’ kind of person?

The first trailer is embedded below. Gameplay is simple, yet deep. Through a series of branching decision trees, you’ll slowly shape your regime. Tough new choices will be thrust upon you daily, with far-reaching consequences around every corner. Also, one assumes that violent revolution is maybe in your future if you’re really awful to your citizens. Only one way to find out, really. Suzerain is coming to PC and Mac sometime this Summer.

SOURCE: Press Release