Overwatch Pros Fined for Talking About “Big Dick” in Chat

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As a once and always class clown, I know the thrill and cost of saying provocative things when I shouldn’t. However, in the real world, these choices are not taken as lightly. Overwatch pros Jung-won “Lastro” Mun and Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim know all too well. I mean, now they do. Lastro plays for the Los Angeles Valiant and Rascal plays for the San Francisco Shock. Yesterday, during an Overwatch League match, the two players engaged in “inappropriate chat during a league match.” Not like trash talk or anything, but they just started talking about “sex” and “big dick.”

Overwatch Pros

It’s unclear what prompted this dick-scussion, but everyone could see it; the players, the commentators, and the audience. Lastro and Rascal say they were unaware that everyone could see the chat, but the damage had been done. They had screwed themselves. This resulted in both players receiving a $1,000 fine. Lastro has since tweeted out an official apology, saying in part, “I wrote it as a joke, although I should not have done it regardless of whether the viewers could see the match chat or not.” Rascal has not commented on the matter.

Nobody was hurt and it was all in good fun between competitors, and while most of us may enjoy a good conversation about sex and big dick, rules is rules. McGravy, who is Lastro’s teammate and was part of the match, has offered to pay a quarter of Lastro’s fine. The offence of this whole debacle seems to pale in comparison to another recent controversy in the Overwatch League where another pro is being investigate for numerous sexual misconduct allegations. Moral of the story is only talk about your privates in private, kids. Overwatch is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Overwatch Discipline Tracker